Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's thought for the day....

"We are still young. . . .  But not so much."

                                            Vincent. the Frenchman

Ah yes, I thought.  That is exactly it!

(You need to imagine this statement being made with a very thick French accent, which gives it more impact.)

Vincent, one of our fellow guests at the wedding in Germany last weekend, made this comment as several of us were walking back into our hotel.  It had been a very long day. The celebrations immediately following the wedding ceremony had us all standing for about four hours straight.  That included the tour of the Kloster.  The evening festivities found us sitting at tables during the nearly four hours it took for the meal to be served. I believe we were among the first of the celebrants to leave.  Which was a little embarrassing, given that some of the guests were well into their 70's!  It must have been the "not so much" of our youth that found us seeking our beds.


  1. My guess is that we over extended ourselves during our youth. As a result we have run out of steam earlier than expected.